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The REM Mark is the signature symbol used to sign completed works by the artist.   The Artist calls the mark "The Creative Convergence", where her vision, passion and creativity meet in the middle, awaiting the arrival of desire.  She explains that this is the desire held by the one who falls in love with her work and becomes a REM Mark owner.  She states, "Then and only then do I consider my art, complete." 

Artist, REMilano was born in 1973 in the small town of Riverhead NY.   At the age of eights, while in foster care, she began developing a strong interest in her artistic abilities, thanks in part to the creative leadership of the Girl Scouts organization.  Her sister, Heather, died while in foster care at the tender age of seven years old and remains a central part of REM's creative ambitions.

REM is an artist with Special Abilities.  Due to severe childhood trauma she has acquired both Traumatic Brain Injury and a rare form of Color Blindness.   The impacts of the adverse childhood trauma that she experienced left her living with a debilitating condition called Dissociative Identity Disorder.  However, she continues to believe in the power of creative expression and art therapy using her skills to encourage others with similar life experiences to do the same.   She states, "There are several artists signing under one signature, The REM Mark."   

Despite these challenges and as a direct result of her unique set of circumstances, she has been able to establish herself as a Naturally Applied Folk Fusion & Mixed Media Artist.  Although, REM considers herself to be more of an "Artivist", declaring, "I am an Artist who is also an Activist."   

Indeed, REM is an Artivist, creating works that raise awareness on trauma based issues related to A-TBI, C-PTSD, Suicidal Ideation, Foster Care, Displacement and adoption, all of which continue to played a crucial role in  her creative journey.  ~Sandy Loam


The exhibit below features works from the various collections created by REM.

We love to take pictures and show them to the world.

Photo Art

Acrylic Tile Works

Southern Bell Sand Sculptures

Tide Brides Sand Sculptures

Folk Sand Paintings

Sand Portaits

4 Exposure Luminous Paintings

3Exposure Abstracts


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